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Our people

Our company currently has 25 employees. Team leaders are stated here.

Ing_Tomas_Slavik_1m (80x102)

Ing. Tomáš Slavík

executive head, tax adviser

„...I realize that in this world full of changes, it more important than ever to find time for personal life. This is why I devote most of my energy and experience to set our company so our clients could use all energy devoted to their business for their personal contentment.“

Ing. Tomáš Slavík

Brno University of technology, faculty of business and management
tax advisory, company finance and business
E: tomas.slavik@sluto.cz
T: +420 226 203 703

Ing_Jitka_Schlagmannova_1m (80x102)

Ing. Jitka Schlagmannová

executive head

„...the most important thing to me is our client´s satisfaction. I am always trying to understand his or her wishes and needs in business and to be a support in this complicated world of taxes and accounts.“

Ing. Jitka SchlagmannováBrno University of technology, faculty of business and management
tax advisory, company finance and business
E: jitka.schlagmannova@sluto.cz
T: +420 530 500 906

Ing. Michal Malásek

Ing. Michal Malásek

executive director 

„...securing an individual approach to the client and building good relationships based on mutual trust I consider to be an important attribute of successful cooperation in the level of understanding and taking over the administrative burden placed on entrepreneurs I try to see his specific needs in a broader context. Mediating and securing the effective use of technology and information potential through our entire team then leads to a flexible solution to the needs of the client, whereby by this flexible approach we become an essential partner of the entrepreneur who is always a step ahead not only in relation to the competition but also before the state administration, Where I actively pursue the interests of the client.“

Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Business and Economics, Accounting and Tax advisory
Ing. Michal MalásekE: michal.malasek@sluto.cz
T: +420 530 500 922

Ing_Pavel_Novak_1m (80x102)

Ing. Pavel Novák

head of accounting team

„...I try to explain to my clients the tangle of laws and their constant amendments so they could manage and plan their business activities. And many times it does not stop at theory, but I transfer my experience into practical management of accounting team.“

Ing. Pavel NovákUniversity of Opava, School of business administration
economics and management
E: pavel.novak@sluto.cz
T: +420 530 500 913

Ing. Chmel Miloš, MSc.

Ing. Miloš Chmel, MSc.

head of accounting team

„...accounting requires a thorough knowledge of ever-changing laws, teamwork and up-to-date information about the business environment. Our team can understand the needs of clients, design solutions that meet their needs and provide all the necessary information and outputs in the given dates and high quality. We are experienced not only in tax consultancy and bookkeeping, but also in the economy and strategic management of all types of companies as well.“

Ing. Chmel Miloš, MSc.Vysoké učení technické v Brně
obor elektrotechnika, telekomunikační a výpočetní technika
E: milos.chmel@sluto.cz
T: +420 530 500 919

Bc_Iva_Ruzickova (81x102)

Bc. Iva Růžičková

head of a payroll team

„...theoretical knowledge is essential for our job but my 11 years of experience is the guarantee that a team under my lead can be a real support for our client in terms of long – term cooperation.“

Bc. Iva RůžičkováSTING ACADEMY, o.p.s., private university
E: iva.ruzickova@sluto.cz
T: +420 530 500 914

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We offer the following services:

Accounting advisory
Annual financial statements
Company headquarters
Processing of returns of income tax
Processing VAT returns
Tax advisory
Complete payroll
Digitization of documents
Keeping stock records