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Profile and history

EQUAL SIGN = Balance between duty and wish
Our company’s logo created from two signs "equals", represents our effort to reach balance between businessmen’s duties and his wishes or visions of administration or business activities.

Our main idea „...not just accounting" is based on basic contain of service provided by us in the field of accounting, payroll and accounting advisory. At the same time, however, it shifts the philosophy of our company by broadening its portfolio of services, and we have transcended the framework of support for our clients far beyond the "normal" accounting treatment.

Company SLUTO has been providing service of accounting, payroll since 2000. It followed on from an association of individuals who have worked in the areas of mentioned services since 1992. This is how far the beginnings of practice of our managers go.
Since 2011 SLUTO company has been registered with the Chamber of Tax Advisers of the Czech Republic, and thus it provides full services of tax advisory through all of its employees.

Kancelář Sluto

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We offer the following services:

Accounting advisory
Annual financial statements
Company headquarters
Processing of returns of income tax
Processing VAT returns
Tax advisory
Complete payroll
Digitization of documents
Keeping stock records