151 % ... so much energy you can devote into your business when you only focus on activities you are expert at.


We have built a team of young, naturally flexible individuals. Mastering latest technology development is not the only goal of such strategy. They also need to be able to think creatively and form an optimal solution for the client’s current situation. Our clients’ needs change in time, and while we learn to evaluate and handle these new situations, we grow more experienced and proficient.

We always strive to keep one step ahead. Mostly, we already know today, what needs are waiting for tomorrow. The only thing we have to do is make it happen.

We run our offices by the means of our own information system which helps us keep all information up to date when it comes to activities necessary, planned, or carried out. Therefore we can guarantee high quality and work efficiency while maintaining low prices.

Among our services, we also offer the option of sending the client all of our output systems (including payment orders, invoices, etc.) in many current electronic formats.

We use electronic communication and electronic filing with all administrative authorities that allow this option when we represent our clients. Executive changes concerning public administration also make it necessary to file and communicate electronically ever so often.


... we operate modern offices, and use state of art technologies. We are flexible and capable of accommodating your needs and requirements.

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Tel: +420 226 203 700


We offer the following services:

Accounting advisory
Annual financial statements
Company headquarters
Processing of returns of income tax
Processing VAT returns
Tax advisory
Complete payroll
Digitization of documents
Keeping stock records