151 % ... so much energy you can devote into your business when you only focus on activities you are expert at.


We think of our clients’ comfort. Over the years of our company’s existence, we have learned that clients do not need to be swamped with all available information. There is a pace and approach for each individual client, a way to put complex and complicated issues so that they are clear and comprehensible. Finding this way gradually builds trust. And trust is the cornerstone of our company.

It goes without saying that all your information is considered strictly confidential. We want to make absolutely certain that you can rely on us.


… we are competent professionals with abundant experience in the given field of business. We can offer multiple references from satisfied clients.

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Tel: +420 226 203 700


We offer the following services:

Accounting advisory
Annual financial statements
Company headquarters
Processing of returns of income tax
Processing VAT returns
Tax advisory
Complete payroll
Digitization of documents
Keeping stock records