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External accountant

Externí účetní

...providing services in an accounting office


The documents are delivered to our offices where they are processed in our economic system POHODA E1 (externí odkaz), from our client´s perspective externally. You receive your outputs and results after certain arranged period of time, either personally or electronically.


Minimum time consumption for you.
You do not have to own any economic system or information technology, not even your own office.


It is necessary to deal with document flow.
The outputs cannot be delivered to the client before processing documents for arranged period of time.
Client cannot operatively use any data which put into economic system.


Reasonable price, taking into account one-time processing for an agreed period and the minimum content of the communication and reporting outputs.

Suitable for

For businessman who demand only fulfillment of their duties to state and offices.
Where managing business is not depending on operative economical information.

For small businessmen and small enterprises, those are satisfied with only several economical outputs per year.


Internal accountant

Online accounting externally

Online accounting internally


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We offer the following services:

Accounting advisory
Annual financial statements
Company headquarters
Processing of returns of income tax
Processing VAT returns
Tax advisory
Complete payroll
Digitization of documents
Keeping stock records