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Administrative support of your business

  • Hosting of economic system POHODA
    • You do not have to invest in your own IT, all you need is a computer or a laptop.
    • You do not have to invest in purchasing economic system.
    • You do not have to have your own office.
    • You are able to use our economic system at any extension also for your own business. (any number of users, any number of access places).
    • We provide the whole range of service – system up-dating, system operability, system back up.
    • You have immediate access to all data entered by us.
    • The only thing you need is internet.
    • For clients who also use other service provided by us is the hosting itself free.
    • The client only has to pay admission charge for remote access to our economic system, but the price is not higher than usual purchase cost of the economic system itself.
  • Rental of meeting or training room
    • Do not know where to get together with your business partner?
    • Need for meetings or training technically equipped area?
    • You can rent a conference or training rooms directly at our offices in most of our branches.
  • IT administration
    • Through our technician we can support you in the field of IT administration, administration of economic system POHODA etc.
  • Tax advisory
    • Responsible tax advice will bring fundamental certainty in the planning and implementation of your business.
  • Representation at negotiation with state authorities
    • After mutual agreement and transfer of power of attorney we will gladly represent you at all proceedings and negotiations with the authorities. We represent our clients both in controls in the area of payroll or even tax checks either as a tax consultant or expert advisors.
  • Providing legal advice
    • No need to explain that corporate governance is not possible without service in the field of law.
    • In the current uncertain times legislatively responsible legal support is one of the key pillars to ensure the future of your company.
  • Providing auditing of financial statements
    • Whether as a legal obligation or requirement for business owners, if necessary, conduct an audit of financial statements, we provide optimal solutions.
    • We know the detailed requirements of those providing services to the financial statements and auditors can recommend verified.
  • Operating data box (only in CZ)
    • From the title of the person in charge of your data, we will pick up the clipboard received documents forwarded to your designated e-mail address and the documents will be archived indefinitely (in the online environment they are saved only 90 days).
    • Let us handle your data box and you will not miss any message.
  • Concept and establishment of internal guidelines
    • Most of businessmen, owners and statutory representatives do not know all the legislation and formal documents demanded, which must be issued by a business entity internally and which, due to its operation must clearly follow. The most common time when you find this out is the control of the competent authority. Because we have experience in the operation of several hundred companies from almost all fields of business activities, we can help put together a package of internal documents not only for their submission to the supervisory authorities, but also practically useful in setting up internal processes in your company.
  • Processing of applications for refund of VAT from EU countries
    • You could not convince your business partners abroad to sell goods or services without VAT, even though you are payers? It generally does not mean that you have lost your money. And we can ensure repayment of all EU countries.
    • Do not leave unnecessary VAT in the EU and take advantage of its recovery.
  • Keeping stock records
    • Not every entrepreneur needs precisely and actively kept stock records for the tracking of your business. Legislation is of a different opinion. Our philosophy is to balance legal obligations and expectations of entrepreneurs.
    • Streamline your own time and authorize our office to do such acts.
  • Calculations of travel orders
    • The necessary agenda is not only legally required. To motivate workers to travel it is necessary to re-pay travel expenses allowance and pocket money as well as take advantage of all legislative options for cost optimization.
    • But the rules for calculating and the rates themselves confess to frequent changes.
    • Use our workers either for consultation or entrust us complete processing of travel orders.
  • Preparation and filing of statements EKO-KOM, CSO statistical reporting, statistical reporting INTRASTAT
    • Some, but compulsory, administrative tasks will bring no profit, but it is necessary to deal with them. Even in these activities, we can help you direct your energy on what you do best.
  • Digitization of documents
    • We convert your documents into electronic form.
    • We send them to you, either on a storage medium or through shared storage on our servers.

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Accounting advisory
Annual financial statements
Company headquarters
Processing of returns of income tax
Processing VAT returns
Tax advisory
Complete payroll
Digitization of documents
Keeping stock records